EAPL Puppy Spay/Neuter Policy

Puppies  (under 1yr) adoption fee is $200. This includes age appropriate Distemper/Parvo vaccines and Spay/Neuter at EAPL assigned vet.  

Spay/Neuter deposit of $50 is required if not altered at time of adoption due to age.  Per Department of Agriculture’s requirement, EAPL will collect a $50 deposit for any animal unaltered at time of adoption due to age. The $50 deposit will be refunded once adopter has shown sufficient proof of alter. 

Department of Agriculture’s rules and regulations:
4. Except as provided in § 35-80-106.4(3)(a), (b), (c) and (d), It shall be unlawful to sell, transfer, or adopt any dog or cat that is not already spayed or neutered prior to leaving the facility unless the prospective owner has paid a deposit to the facility and signed a
written agreement with the facility to have the animal spayed or neutered.
  • a. The amount of the deposit shall be $50.
  • b. The deposit may be reclaimed upon presentation of written correspondence from a licensed veterinarian that the animal has been spayed or neutered within 90 days of adoption, sale, or transfer. The facility may extend the 90 day requirement upon presentation of written correspondence from a licensed veterinarian stating that the life or health of the adopted pet may be jeopardized by sterilization. If the deposit is not reclaimed after 90 days, it becomes property of the adopting agency and will be deposited
  • c. The written agreement to have the animals spayed or neutered will include: age, sex, species, breed, and general description of the animal; date of adoption and date by which the animal must be sterilized; adopting party’s name, address, phone number, and signature; and facility name, address, and phone number.


Adopter will be issued a pre-paid certificate for the alter to be redeemed at Spay2day in Lakewood CO.  Adopter will receive an emailed alter certificate from EAPL.  


“Attached please find your EAPL spay/neuter certificate.  Print this certificate and bring it with you when you take (your animal) to Spay2Day to be altered.  (Your animal)’s alter procedure needs to be completed by no later than (specified date).  Please contact Spay2Day as soon as possible to make your appointment, as they book up quickly: 

1864 S. Wadsworth Blvd. #2
Lakewood, CO   80232
(303) 984-7729

*Animal must be altered within the time frame EAPL provides in order for adopter to receive reimbursement for the alter deposit as well as financial responsibility of alter by EAPL.  

*EAPL WILL NOT be financially responsible for any alter outside of the given time frame performed at Spay2day or any alter performed by any other vetting facility. 

Adopter is responsible for providing sufficient proof of the alter at Spay2day to EAPL for alter refund.

Adopter may

  • email it to eaplevergreen@eapl.com
  • fax to 303-484-6105
  • mail directly to

PO Box 2517
Evergreen CO 80437

NOTE: Adopter also has the option of taking their adopted puppy to the vet of their choice at their own expense for the alter. A $50 alter deposit will still be collected by EAPL.

Once sufficient proof of alter has been provided, within the specific time period, EAPL will refund the $50 alter deposit to the adopter.  The same rules apply for alter deposit as outlined by the Dept of Agriculture. 

If you have any questions please contact us at eaplevergreen@eapl.com or call 303-674-6442