As a foster parent

You would temporarily take an animal into your home and give us a character assessment of the animal. EAPL pays for needed medical attention and food. If the animal is not house trained, we hope that you will do some training to help make the pet more adoptable.

Most of the animals will be coming from shelters. We ask that you be patient with them and try to help them transition to their new roles as “homeless pet” in any way needed. Help us try to figure out what they need to move forward and together we can make it happen. EAPL will be with you every step of the way.

If you are interested in fostering dogs, you can tell us the size, type, age, etc. and we will try to match you to your preference. Maybe you prefer puppies; we’d like you to specify big or tiny puppies.

There is no guarantee on how long an animal will be with you, but we do everything within our power to get the animal into a permanent home. We advertise/list our pets on along with 30 other national web sites. We utilize four local social network sites.

We also have four bulletin boards around town on which we post photos of the animals that we have available for adoption along with a small write-up about the animal. Weather permitting, we generally host 2+ adoption events per month and more if possible.

We ask that you truly think about fostering before you decide to foster. Most of the time, almost 100%, when we bring in an animal to a foster home, we have NO OTHER place to put it. We will sometimes have a kennel open at a boarding facility, but we don’t want the pet to sit in a kennel until it’s adopted either. Please keep in mind that it will take us some time to find another foster home.

Here are the next steps to becoming a Foster Family with EAPL

  • Complete the online foster application below
  • EAPL will conduct a background check and a home visit before any pet is placed into a home
  • You will be responsible for picking up the pet at a central location when it is transported to Denver from the shelter.
  • Many times the pet will need to be spayed/neutered and vaccinated. We typically ask the foster to arrange a vet appointment with one of our approved vets and make sure the animal is neutered/spayed and is up to date on vaccinations. EAPL will cover the costs

Thank you for helping us rescue these deserving pets!

We couldn’t do it without you!